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 5 Ways to Get the Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes

You’ve finally decided that you need auto insurance. Now, all you need to do is find the cheapest car insurance quote possible! Before you start applying, however, check out these five ways to get the cheapest car insurance quotes possible. You’ll be driving in no time!

1) Compare multiple providers

With so many auto insurance providers out there, it can be difficult to find cheap car insurance. While it may seem like a lot of work, taking five minutes or so of your day to compare rates can save you hundreds – if not thousands – on coverage every year. These days, business-owners and entrepreneurs expect easy options and with as little friction as possible, so use comparison sites and apps to your advantage. Another option is having an agent friend do all of your comparison shopping for you; usually they’ll have incentives in place that offset their time commitment. Either way, going with cheap auto insuranse leads (remember – ads are what get those cheaper rates!) is well worth it when your rate falls from $1000/mo down to $200/mo!

2) Check if you have any discounts

All insurance companies offer a variety of discounts and incentives, such as discounts for good grades, cheap auto insuranse and multi-car policies. Many drivers aren't even aware they are eligible for these discounts—but they are! These discount can really add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars in savings. For example, multiple studies show that getting your license earlier means you'll have a lower insurance rates in most states. Consider what types of discounts you might be eligible for: if you're on-time with payments and take a driver's safety course like Defensive Driving, it could mean big savings on your policy down the road. And if you can't find car cheap auto insuranse quotes with all those discounts?

3) Don't sacrifice quality for price

If you want cheap car insurance, your best bet is shopping around. You'll need to compare quotes from at least three providers. You can start by searching for insurance in your search engine of choice and then entering your zip code. Make sure you read all of the information on these websites before filling out any application forms. The information is there for a reason—to protect you and be used as part of your decision-making process!

4) Shop around at renewal time

Many insurance companies have a shopping period around renewal time where you can check out rates from other insurance companies and even switch your policy. If you’re looking for cheaper car insurance quotes, shop around during your renewal window or give your current insurer a call. Some insurers offer a price match guarantee—if you find another insurer that gives you a cheaper quote, they’ll match it. (You may need to tell them that another company gave you their quote.) And if all else fails, get multiple quotes so you know what’s available in your area. Remember: While insurance is important, there are many ways to save on auto insurance without sacrificing protection. The key is knowing where to look and how to ask for a discount.

5) Know what your policy covers

The key here is to know exactly what your auto insurance covers before you need it. Do your research and find out exactly what’s covered by your policy and what might not be included. Then, whenever you’re considering purchasing a new car or adding a motorcycle or trailer hitch (and so on), make sure that those options are included in your policy. You don't want to end up needing specific coverage and finding out too late that it wasn't part of your original plan. And when filing claims, always be sure that you report all of them accurately; if you neglect one because it seems minor, you could face additional costs down the road when they're added on later.