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The price of electricity rises this Monday by 31.3%, to 229.59 euros / MWh

 The price of electricity for customers in the regulated tariff linked to the retail market increased by 31.3% on Monday compared to Sunday, at € 229.59 / MWh, according to provisional data from the person responsible for the sale.

 Iberian Energy (OMIE) collected by Europa Press. This amount is due to the combination of average auctions and wholesale sales and the amount that the applicant will pay in the combined cycle of energy plants for the application of "Iberian removed" covering the price of gas for electricity.

 In autumn, the price of electricity in the wholesale market - called "pool" - is 163.92 euro / MWh for this Monday. The highest price will be recorded between 8:00 and 9:00 p.m., with 270 euros/MWh, while the minimum for the day, of 102.84 euros/MWh, will be between 4:00 and 5:00 am. 

This "pool" price is added to the compensation of 65.67 euros / MWh in the gas company that the consumers must pay and benefit from the proportional, controlled tariff consumers (PVPC) or which, although free market, have an indexed rate.


0.4% more without applying the formula 


For the first time, the fact that the price of electricity tomorrow will be higher than what consumers will pay if the "Iberian withdrawal" system does not exist. In particular, if this system is not implemented to limit the price of gas for the production of electricity, the price of electricity in Spain will be on average around 228.52 euros / MWh, that is 1.07 euros / MWh less than the customer's bill, which will pay 0.4% more on average.


The "Iberia system", which began on June 15, limits the price of gas for the production of electricity to an average of 48.8 euros per MWh in 12 months, thus covering the next winter, the period of price energy market is increasing. together. In fact, the "Iberian difference" anticipates the way for gas for the production of electricity at a price of 40 euros / MWh in the first six months and, after that, a monthly increase of five euros / MWh per month until the end of the supply. .


The Ministry for Environmental Change and People's Challenges has made public a proposal for a royal decree to reduce the changes in the regulated tariff, says the PVPC, to provide greater stability in the tariff affected due to market exchange. electricity in the past year, giving more weight and reference to the future market, which will gradually increase to 55% in 2025.