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Getting much cheaper heating is possible with this fuel

 Fuel is one of the main things to meet the energy needs of our homes, so that we can provide heat, generate electricity, etc. But, with the rising cost of some of them, other unknown ways to heat our homes have started to appear. 

Today, we are explaining to you a new system that promises to be the future and that has great benefits: it helps us to provide heating in an affordable way. Keep reading to learn more. This oil is used to heat your home economically 


It was the company RIFT Renewable Iron Fuel Technology, founded by a group of former university students, that pioneered this new type of furnace that works with this new fuel. Although now, and being only a test, it will be tested in 500 homes to see if it works well and can help us save everything it promised.


The advantage of this method that the company discovered in 2018 is clear: it is cheaper and less polluting because it does not emit CO₂. In fact, dust allows us to save and use energy, it is recyclable, very good, easy to transport and compact, making it an alternative to heating at home We that look carefully and we will save other things.


This is how ferrous oil works in heating


In the case of the company itself, what is usually done is to oxidize and deoxidize iron to produce the energy that we need. For oxidation, the dust is burned in a furnace and this gives a lot of heat and energy that changes into steam or hot water.


Although deoxidation is caused by the use of hydrogen, which turns the oil into metal dust so that it can be used indefinitely. In this way, we will fully face renewable energy which, moreover, during the process, does not transfer any type of harmful gas into the atmosphere. And not only that, but its power It is also one of the highest that we can find now, so the savings that this can mean for many families is clear. However, we still have to wait to be able to enjoy this system at home since it is not complete.


In fact, the company has shown that if its pilot test works as expected (which it did before), the idea is that it can create a light bulb of about 2 years of 1 megawatt to be able to start creating cities with this type. energy and being a good choice for the year 2050.